Aveda Skin Care Routine

Tonight’s post is on the fabulous healthy skin care brand, Aveda. I was requested to put together  either an Aveda skin care routine, or makeup routine. I decided to start with skin care as it affects the skin our makeup sits upon, and I couldn’t be happier to be posting it!  As you will see in the video; I am sharing a 6 step Aveda skin care routine. However, this is also my PERSONAL skin care regimen.

As a Licensed Esthetician I have tried many brands throughout the years. Many have worked. Many have not worked. Aveda is a brand that has and still does work for me, and works safely. 💖Check out the video below to learn more.

Who is Aveda?


Aveda is a plant-based, proven by Science, Skin Care, Hair Care, and Makeup Brand. They are owned by Estee Lauder. Aveda is cruelty free and vegan. One of the reasons I love Aveda so much is their commitment to give back to the community’s from which they resource their ingredients. I love that they are ECO friendly, and truly care about our World!

click here to go to Aveda and learn more!

My history with Aveda.


I started using Aveda skin care the summer of 2014. I was 7 months pregnant and struggling with severe skin reactivity and acne. I was stumped because I using good, so I thought, expensive products to maintain my skin. Yet, I had uncontrolled redness, dehydration, and acne. At first I chalked it up to being pregnant but I knew, down deep inside, that it wasn’t hormonal. I was already a Licensed Esthetician but I needed to see someone who could give me answers. I am always wanting to learn more.

So, I booked a Spa facial with a Medical Esthetician at my local Aveda Spa.

(A Medical Esthetician is someone who has studied Holistic Esthetics in addition to Basic Esthetics.)

That was the day my life changed! The Esthetician who treated me was able to explain what was happening. That I was indeed doing the right things but unfortunately with the wrong products.

So, what do you think was the problem? Ingredients? Yes. Fragrance? Yes. My habits? No. I was simply using products that were internally damaging my skins infrastructure and causing chronic inflammation. That inflammation led to reactivity that couldn’t be calmed down until the culprit was rid of. The reactivity was playing a part in my severe acne and dehydration.

I was placed on a strict skin care ‘diet.’ Simply 3 products. The Aveda All Sensitive Cleanser & Moisturizer, and Outer Peace Acne Pads. That was it. She explained it would take 2-4 weeks before my skin would resume balance.  She also shared that the acne would get worse before it got better.

So Dear readers, that’s EXACTLY what I did. I followed her suggestions and yes it did get worse as she warned, but you know what? It got better! I was so intrigued with my results that I started digging into Aveda’s history. Learning whatever I could about them. I started to look at the skin holistically. One of the biggest culprits to my skin’s downfall was FRAGRANCE. The expensive department store brand I was using, at the time, was laden with it. So I decided to start removing ‘perfume’ fragrant skin care items out of my skin care routine. I am now a natural essential oil fragrant user. I also started looking for Beauty Brands who were transparent. If I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for, as a Licensed professional, how could anyone else? That is a HUGE thing in this industry and Aveda is completely 100% TRANSPARENT.

Here are the key points I would like you to take away from this post about Aveda.

  1. They only use pure essential oils to fragrant their products.

  2. They use plant and fruit stem cells which are more nourishing to our skin then plant and fruit extracts.

  3. They believe in Ayurvedic principles, and use ingredients from Ayurvedic practices in their products.

  4. They use safe scientific ingredients.

  5. They are Plant Based.

  6. They are Cruelty Free and Vegan. Always have been. Always will be.

  7. They LOVE and care for our World.

  8. They give back.

Products Shown and Discussed in the Video

This is a non-foaming milky face wash. All skin types can use it, even those with Acneic skin. It does not strip or harm the Lipid Barrier. It is Fragrance Free and Alcohol Free. I use it AM and PM. To learn more shop it here!

I also like to use the Botanical Kinetics Normal/Dry face wash from time to time  shop it here!

This PH balanced correct Toner comes in a pump bottle which makes using it a dream. It calmly helps to re-balance the skin and prep it for further skin care treatments. I use it AM and PM. To learn more shop it here!

Toner helps to balance the skin, close pores, and create a smooth texture. This particular toner has Rose Extract which helps with inflammation. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates.

  1. These beautiful silky serums blend seamlessly into the skin. They do not leave a residue which make them a dream to wear under makeup.

The Tulasara Bright serum helps to decrease the look of age-spots and even skin tone while treating it from further damage caused by environmental pollutants.  I use this in the AM but it can be used for either AM or PM use. To learn more shop it here!

This a wonderful light moisturizer that is great for multiple skin types. It wears beautifully under makeup because it absorbs right into the skin and does not leave a tacky residue. It is extremely moisturizing without being heavy. Perfect for those who struggle with Oil but this moisturizer can be used by all skin types. It does not contain SPF. Therefore a separate SPF must be worn during the day. This product can be used both AM and PM. Although I prefer it for AM use. To learn more shop it here!

I absolutely LOVE this moisturizer. It is hands down one of the most moisturizing and comforting creams I have ever used. It contains Tumeric root which is helpful in diminishing dark spots, and helps to calm inflamed skin by reducing inflammation. Most skin types can use this product. Exceptionally Oily skin may find this ‘over’ moisturizers and might want to try the All Sensitive or Normal Oily moisturizer. This is a PM only product. To learn more shop it here! If interested in an AM version you can click this link to learn more about their Renew Day Cream.

First off, this is my HG eye product. In my career I have tried many eye moisturizers.  This particular product takes the cake! I love how it decreases the look of fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. It helps to decrease dark circles, and retains moisture in the delicate skin around the eye. It too contains Tumeric root. This is one product I cannot live without! Any skin type and skin age can use this product.  I use this product both AM and PM. To learn more shop it here!  

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