Creating the Glamorous Cat-Eye

The Glamorous ‘Old Hollywood’ Cat Eye

I am often asked “Am I too old to wear winged liner?” My short response is “NO!” You are never too old to wear makeup that makes you feel glamorous.  As a working makeup artist, especially one who is obsessed with creating vintage glam looks, I have applied winged style eye liner to many women from different walks of life.  For me, wearing winged liner is an absolute, a go-to,  the piece of ‘résistance.’ 

So how do you cultivate it on different eye shapes and ages? I am going to share a few tips and techniques I use to create the Perfect Pinup Cat Eye.


Step #1) Evaluate your eye shape. Is it round or almond? Do you have protruding eyes or ones 

Step #2) Creating your vintage winged look can be as dramatic or subtle as you wish. Remember

Step #3) Always aim for the wing portion of your line to go slightly upwards or out at the corner.

Step #4) Lastly go back with your liner and make a thin line from the inner corner of your eye,

Eyes are sisters, not twins. So if they are not perfectly equal that is okay. The more you practice the better you will get.


Lastly, here are some closing tips I would like to share. If you have access skin at the outer corner

If you have no crease or if your lids are very small, my suggestion is to keep the line very thin. You

I hope these tips and techniques can help simplify the application of the Perfect Pinup Cat Eye. Either way, makeup is fun, interchangeable and non-permanent.

Stay Glamorous,

Miss Audrey Monroe💋

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