Flawless Finishing Touch Review

I have facial hair. Yep. Peach fuzz. For 4 years I have removed it off and on with a mans little electric razor (it sucked) or waxing it off (which gets old).

Outside of waxing my brows and upper lip I really do not have the desire to ‘wax’ the other areas of my face. Simply because it leaves my face raw, red, and irritated. However, the dilemma lays in the fact that I don’t want the facial hair… what to do?

I am very excited to share the new ‘hair removal’ gadget I found with all of you today! It’s amazing. I honestly did not have high hopes for this product but it blew me away. It is called the Flawless Finishing Touch.

Watch the video below to hear my thoughts and see the demo.

The Flawless Finishing Touch

Cost: $19.99 You can find this product at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or order it from their website. If purchasing from Bed, Bath, and Beyond you can use their 20% off coupon.

How Often I use it: Every few weeks. Touch up’s are easy!

Company Description


  1. No need for hair to grow out – can use everyday

  2. Instant and painless, no redness or irritation

  3. Safe for all skin types and tones

  4. Gentle and safe to the touch

  5. Dermatologist approved

  6. Unwanted hair will not grow back thicker

  7. 1 AA battery included

Link to Product Website: Flawless Finishing Touch

Final rating: ☕☕☕☕☕


Closing Thoughts

I really enjoy using this product. As I mentioned in the video it removes my facial hair without pulling or tugging. I get no irritation or redness from using it. The hair on my face doesn’t grow slow so having an item that cuts it short enough for it to take several weeks to grow back is a bonus.

  1. The 18K gold-plated head helps to fight off bacteria and is antimicrobial.

  2. Batteries are included!

  3. Easy to use and clean.

  4. Portable.

  5. Packaging is sleek and stylish.

  6. Has an LED light that helps highlight the hair.

  7. Dermatologist Certified.

**This product has been approved by the Dermatology Society with a seal of approval. Meaning, it has been tested and proven safe for use on the skin. 

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