Foxy Locks hair extensions Wear & Tear

I wanted to start this post by saying Thank You! I have received a lot of love from all of you lately, and I am happy to be bringing another requested video & post.  Last week I posted How to clip-in Hair Extensions | Foxy Locks This week I thought it would be fitting to follow it up by discussing Foxy Locks wear and tear.

If you are on the fence about purchasing Foxy Locks hair extensions I hope this post and video tutorial can give you some guidance.  I will also link all my Foxy Locks posts below. ⬇

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Please watch the video to learn more.

Tips to extending the life of your hair extensions


  1. Storage case. I always use the Foxy Locks hair extension storage case. Shop it here!

It is a fantastic way to keep your hair extensions clean, and out-of-the-way of probing fingers, paws, or airborne pollutants. Believe me, hair extensions take a beating. It is only fair that we store them in a way that increases their longevity and protects them from our home environment.

Case in point. I had an unfortunate water heater leak that came through my bedroom ceiling.  As my friend removed bits of my ceiling in order for the water to drain, dust, dirt, and debris floated down and landed all over my hair extension case. Can you imagine what that would have done to my hair extensions! YUCK!

Another reason I recommend investing in this particular case is the hanger. The hanger literally holds your hair extensions gently but firmly in place. Allowing you to easily detangle, brush, and style them. It is also a great way to air dry the extensions after a wash.

Choosing a gentle,  sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is key. Hair extensions do not receive any nutrients from our scalp and need to be treated carefully. The OGX brand is affordable and gentle enough to use on extensions. Plus I LOVE the way this shampoo smells. Absolutely delicious.

The DON’TS of maintaining hair extensions

  1. NEVER SLEEP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS! This is super important. It will ruin the extensions but worse risk is to your own hair. The clips can get tangled and break hair off at the root. This is never good! If you do happen to sleep in them I suggest gently removing all tangles in the morning, and then taking them out.

  2. NEVER BLOW DRY HAIR EXTENSIONS! This will rough up the cuticle, which only lays in one direction. Down. Once the cuticle is open it will make the extensions lose shine, look frizzy, and decrease their ability to maintain shape. As my friend said… ‘girlfriend, they look ratchet.’ If you must blow dry please be careful and do it on the cool setting, and brush the locks downward.

  3. DON’T USE HARD HOLD HAIR SPRAY! This will build up on the hair extension strands. It is extremely hard to get out of hair extensions and brushing it out can lead to hair loss from the weft. The only way to remove hair spray build up is to wash them. Remember the more you wash the likelier it is that you’ll lose hair off the weft.

  4. NOT STORING THEM! Please remember that if you’re going to invest in hair extensions you want to purchase something safe to store them in. Not storing hair extensions will shorten their life span. Few reasons why. Fingers and Paws! They always find a way into hair extensions and usually the results are not good. Dust and dirt. Debris from our home will leach itself onto our hair extensions. This builds up and you’ll have to wash them more than if they were stored. Storing them also keeps tangles away. One of the biggest issues is how easily hair extensions can tangle. This can rip hair out of the weft and lead to clips getting stuck. Not good! So please invest in some form of storage. I made a recommendation up at the top and I truly feel it is the best. However, in a pinch you can keep the Foxy Locks packaging and gently store your hair extensions in that.  Just be advised that I do not recommend that for long-term use.

I hope these tips helped you. Please let me know by leaving a comment down below! ⬇

If you’re a Foxy Locks wearer I would love to know! Leave me a 💖 emoji in the comments.

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