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How to take your clothes from Modern to Vintage

Hello Loves!

Today I want to discuss how to take your modern clothes and repurpose them to appear vintage.  As many of you know I am inspired by Old Hollywood Glamour and Vintage things.

Although I love the style from era’s past it does not mean that I support or encourage the values of those era’s. Equality is for everyone regardless of sex, creed, heritage, skin tone, etc.


This beautiful beaded gown is by the designer Jovani. Although his style and designs are beauitful they don’t always reflect the 40’s or 50’s. Two style era’s that I truly adore. So I decided to take this little number to my seamstress and have some alterations made.

These tips and ideas can apply to any modern outfit you may have. It could be as simple as changing out the buttons or sewing up an opening, letting out a hem, or taking up the hem. There are so many variables that we can do to help our modern clothes look vintage and repurpose them for future wear.

Here is what we did:

  1. I had Jessie let it out. Instead of having this heavily  beaded gown fitted to my measurements I had Jessie (this is my seamstress) let it out so that I could wear a corset underneath. This would allow the dress to cling to the corset and therefore enhance the bombshell silhoette of the 50’s.

  2. I had her add organza fabric to the bust. This I decided to carry all along the bust and back of

the dress. This is something a lot of 1950’s ball gowns had at the time. It truly makes this modern Jovani dress look more vintage.

  1. Jessie made sure that all the beading was intact and even moved around some of the appliques so that they looked more porportionate and balanced.

  2. Jessie added a wrist band for me to be able to carry the train of my dress ensuring it wouldn’t be stepped on while I was walking.

  3. Accessories help complete the transformation. Adding long length opera gloves, rinestone jelwery, and a clutch helps to make this modern dress look vintage.


Would you like to see more posts like this in the future? Follow me on instgram and drop a DM and tell me what you want to see focused on next.  Instagram Glam account

This was not the first modern piece I have made to look more vintage. I have done this with shirts, cardigans, and shorts.

My last tip I can give you is to find a seamstress that shares your vision, respects your body and your wishes, and wants to bring your ideas to life. Sew Co in downtown Augusta is a fabulous place to visit for alterations. Whether you’re a bride who needs their dress altered, a vintage loving gal or guy, or just someone looking for a great place to have their clothing expertly tailored, you can find it with them

Stay Glamorous,

Audrey 💋

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