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How to wear Leopard Print with a Vintage flare

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Leopard Prints have been all the rage since 1930. If you scroll through the internet, you will find big stars from Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Jayne Mansfield all sporting Leopard.

However, with a Vintage Aesthetic, how can you pair an entire outfit of Leopard print together and keep it classy? Today I am going to share (4) tips to help you wear your animal prints with the same glam as the starlets from the past did.

Keep in mind that all the pieces I am wearing in this post are from the 1950's and 1960's. I searched high and low for these items and found a way to make them work together by following the tips I am about to share with all of you.


TIP (1)

When styling Leopard Prints, make sure the undertone of the fabric matches the other items within your collection. Leopard print can be made on cream, yellow, tan, or in some cases, brown fabrics. It's the color that sits behind the print. Be aware of that when putting your Leopard items together.

TIP (2)

Pay close attention to the buttons and clasps. Are they gold or silver? Match your jewelry to these accents so the entire look comes together seamlessly.


TIP (3)

Take time to assess the outfit you'll be pairing with your Leopard prints. Is it a solid color or another print? Is the color bold or soft? I truly feel that the Leopard should be the showcase, so I personally stick to solid colors when I put these items together.

TIP (4)

Leopard is going to attract attention, especially when it is styled correctly. The best accessory you can wear with Leopard is a confident attitude!

I hope you enjoyed these tips! If you did, please let me know and don't forget to follow my blog for more vintage fashion and beauty.

Items worn today:

  • Blouse - JCPenney

  • Skirt - Secrets in Lace

  • Leopard Capelet - Mantis Vintage

  • Leopard Hat - Vintage Ooollee

  • Leopard Purse - Venus on the Half Shell

Stay Glamorous,

Audrey 💋


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Dec 08, 2021

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Kevin Suffecool
Kevin Suffecool
Feb 01, 2021

Beautiful look! Very glamorous and chic!

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