Why Eye Cream is Important

Tonight’s post is about the benefits of  Eye Cream and why it’s IMPORTANT! Do you believe in the powers of Eye Cream? What are your thoughts? I have heard arguments supporting and non-supporting when it comes to this lil skin care item, and as an Esthetician I am here to say that Eye Cream is a definite do!

Check out the video below to hear my thoughts on why Eye Cream is so important!

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eye cream
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When to start using Eye Cream


I always recommend starting to use eye cream at the grand ol’ age of 21. Why? Unfortunately this is the age that our cellular turn over starts to slow down, and decrease. Does that mean you need to run out and buy the most powerful anti-aging eye cream the market has to offer? NO. However, preventative maintenance is key to warding off age.

As you get older the needs of the skin change and so should your products. There is no “right” time to use anti-aging skin care. I have used some form of anti-aging skin care since I was 21. For those of you who are young the concern isn’t the ingredients that ward off aging it’s the ingredients that can cause breakouts. Anti-aging skin care is geared and marketed towards more mature skin types. With that said, some of the moisturizers meant for older skin can contain ingredients that cause breakouts in younger skin. If you’re in your twenty’s try adding anti-aging serums into your skin care routine. Then use an eye cream and moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

Women in their thirties should consider an anti-aging eye cream that treats the most specific need of their under eye area. For some swelling and dark circles may be the problem. While for others it may be the beginning stages of fine lines and wrinkles.

Women forty and above will find most anti-aging eye creams suitable and I highly recommend them. I make brand suggestions in the video.

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