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Mixing the ‘New with the Old’

Hi Lovelies,

Dressing Vintage can be quite overwhelming when you first start. It can also be quite expensive to shift any wardrobe over to a new style. One of the ways I consolidated and re-purposed what I had was to dress ‘the new with the old.’

outfit 1

Tonight I am sharing my tips to blending your true vintage pieces with your repro vintage pieces.

*What is vintage repro? Vintage Repro is newly reproduced clothing that is made to look and be styled after 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s designs. There are many brands that produce and sell vintage reproduction. 

Please take heart: buying newly reproduced vintage clothing does not make you less of a vintage enthusiast. In fact it opens the door for you to wear vintage looking clothing all year long. To be honest true vintage pieces are very delicate, and sometimes you buy a piece to wear once and then its gone. 😢


I am going to breaking down the outfit you see below and tell you how I put it together to hopefully lend some tips that you can use to mix your ‘new with the old.’

outfit 3

The off-white blouse I am wearing is ‘true vintage.’ It came from a Vintage clothing store

I frequent often and have written a few blog posts for: Vintage Ooollee.

To make this top even more special is it was  a piece owned by Ooollee herself and I am so happy to have it. It is dated somewhere between late 60’s early 70’s. However the lace details provide a 40’s feel which is one of my favorite era’s.

The black high-waisted pencil skirt is from a vintage reproduction brand called Collectif. They have a store in London and sell on-line check them out here!

Any black high-waisted pencil skirt can work if you are trying to mimic this style. However, this particular skirt comes up extra high and nips in the waist. (although it helped to be wearing one of my Glamorous Corsets for this shoot) True 50’s fashion saw a lot of high-waisted pants, and skirts.

outfit 2

Accessories help when you’re mixing ‘the new with the old.’ Try playing around with items you already own. Maybe you were gifted some treasures from your mom, grandma, or great grandma. Here, I am wearing a vintage spider brooch, ring, and clip on earrings. I made the hair comb myself. Stockings or pantyhose also play a part in dressing vintage because women of that era never left the house without them. I am partial to back-seams but any type would work.

close up

So it’s simple. Mix found true vintage pieces with modern or vintage reproduction to help cultivate your own vintage style. (that was a mouth full)

This is how I saved and grew my closet as I changed styles over the last year or two.


Hope everyone is safe and well. This post uploads during the coronavirus outbreak and I know a lot of people are in quarantine. Remember to be kind and glamorous towards everyone. Try not to panic and hoard, as sharing is caring. If you can support local small businesses please do. They will be hurt the most during this time. Thank you for spending a part of your day with me and I hope this post left a smile on your face.

Stay Glamorous,

Miss Audrey Monroe💋

*affiliate links within post. This simply means if you shop through a link I receive a small percentage for the mention. 

Share the Glamour!❤


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