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Picnic & Fashion with Miusol Clothing

Hello Lovelies!

How does a glamorous picnic in the park sound? Today I journeyed down to the River and set up a fun little picnic wearing my Burgundy Dress from Miusol fashion.


This post was written before our current world crisis: CORONAVIRUS  if you’re in a part of the world that cannot venture outside I hope these images will bring you some joy. As of now I am enjoying a picnic of 1. Just me, myself, and I. 

burgundy dress1

Miusol Fashion // Lady Jane Vintage hat

When Spring is just around the corner the weather is fickle. It can be warm one minute and cold the next. That is why I am obsessed with these beautiful billowy sleeves on my Miusol Burgundy Dress.

burgundy dress 5

Miusol Fashion // Lady Jane Vintage hat

burgudy dress 3

Miusol Fashion // Lady Jane Vintage hat // Burgundy Suede gloves purchased at a Vintage store in Ellicott City Md

The bodice and silhouette do hearken towards the 60’s and 70’s which makes this a go-to dress for spring festivities. I like the full skirt and how the fabric gives when you move making it extremely comfortable to wear.  It falls just below my knee and I am 5’3. The piping down the center and on the sleeves create a nice break from all the burgundy and gives just a touch of detail.

I found these vintage burgundy suede gloves to wear with this dress, and matching pumps I discovered through Posh Mark. For those who are interested in shopping my Posh Mark my account is @msaudreymonroe I can’t believe some of the goodies I have found through that app! It’s amazing.

burgundy dress 2

Miusol Fashion // Lady Jane Vintage hat // Burgundy Suede gloves purchased at a Vintage store in Ellicott City Md

burgundy dress 8

Miusol Fashion is available through Amazon.  Shop here

Using the code: 106RA9HW will save you 10% through 4/1/20


Hopefully we can enjoy spring as a united people this year. The coronavirus is stealing precious ‘activity’ time from all of us. It makes you re-evaluate the values and priorities in one’s life.  I hope to see us as a stronger more physically connected (instead of social media connected) culture when this is all over.

Stay Glamorous and safe!

Miss Audrey Monroe 💋

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