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Pink Flouncy Sleeves for Fall | Belle poque

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Hello Loves!

Fall is my favorite season and I always always ALWAYS indulge. However, the colors we always see this time of year are orange, black, deep hues of purple, and hunter green. Did you know though that soft pinks are also a good fashion color for fall? Yep, it's all in how you style the color and what you pair it with.

When Belle Poque reached out to collaborate I knew that I wanted something chic and cute for fall. In Georgia we do not have much of a fall season and I have to keep things versatile as the weather changes frequently from hot to cool.

For starters let's talk about the sleeves! The style is called 'Bat Wing.' Why? These sleeves actually are sewn down into the waist so that when the arms are lifted it creates a large billowy sleeve with extra cascading fabric, very reminiscent to the wingspan of a bat. 🦇

These unique sleeves remind me of the fashions from the 1940's. Billowy, glamorous, and classically elegant. Katharine Hepburn and Hedy Lamarr were huge fans of this style.

The muted pink blush is a beautiful color that can be worn all year but especially in the fall when paired with deeper and richer hues. I love dark gray and black. To keep it simple I chose to stick with solids and played into the bow details on the skirt by adding a bow rhinestone brooch. Remember, you're never stuck to one color palette for a particular season. There are so many color variations we can make to stay comfortable and feel chic at the same time!

Of course I wore back-seam stocking to complete my Vintage Style aesthetic.

The Belle Poque Batwing Sleeve Shirt can be worn with modern dress too. I just prefer to keep my look vintage.

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