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Tess Lace Dress from Dolly & Dotty

Happy 2022!!

I am starting the New Year off by wearing one of my favorite shades for winter - Burgundy.

The Tess Lace Dress from Dolly & Dotty is available in multiple colors to include black and white.

I am not going to lie,when the Holidays end I tend to get a bit depressed. Recently I have found how important it is to keep a bit of the "winter holidays" with me throughout January. This includes wearing my Holiday reds and pairing them with winter accessories, such as velvet and faux fur.


To really create the 1950s Dior Inspired silhouette I opted for a satin bow to cinch in my waist and added a rhinestone brooch for extra glam! The hat is true vintage and gifted from a friend and really completes the look.

Never be afraid to mix and match your accessories.

What is a go-to Winter color you like to wear? Stay tuned for more Vintage 'Winter' inspired looks and follow me on social to stay up to date.

Stay Glamorous,

Audrey 💋

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Kevin Suffecool
Kevin Suffecool
08 sty 2022

So pretty!!

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