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Who is Miss Audrey Monroe?

Hello Darlings,

Who is Miss Audrey Monroe? It's time I reintroduce myself and share who it is behind the blog. I am Audrey Monroe; pinup model, digital creator, blogger and licensed aesthetician. Some of you may have seen my work on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube or maybe you have seen me on websites modeling retro clothing. Some of you may be new to my blog and have never heard of me. So what do I do exactly?

miss audrey monroe pinup model

As a digital creator I produce content that helps to inspire, empower and give you ideas into elevating your look. My goal is to help you take your style from basic to glamorous and hopefully inspire confidence so you can wear what makes you smile. I do this by providing tips, reviews, insights and hacks that may help simplify looks you want to create.

Being a licensed aesthetician also gives me the ability to share hair, makeup and skincare advice. The art of glamour is creation. It is not what we're born with but what we imagine and bring to life. It is our drag.

miss audrey monroe modeling a 1980s inspired dress for aw bridal
Modeling for AW Bridal

It began at age 5 with an obsession over the ruby red slippers that glittered in technicolor on my tv screen. I knew then that I was hooked on the bold, glamorous, even obscene types of beauty. My first woman crush was on Rosemary Clooney. I adored her in the movie White Christmas and wanted to look just like her. Which, fast forward led me to ask my mother for a wet set at age 11.

Although I admired and dreamed of old hollywood I didn't have the confidence to wear these styles out and about for decades. I worked bits and pieces into my look but nothing that could bring up controversy or sideways glances.

Then, I met Dita Von Teese. My entire outlook changed within a matter of hours and I decided that life was indeed way too short to not wear the style that makes me smile. With that said a new era of glamour was born and I have devoured everything I could to help bring that passion to all of you.

Audrey Monroe models a 1950s inspired polka dot dress for Steady Clothing
Modeling for Steady Clothing


Now, I spend no time wondering what people think but instead use that energy to mix modern and vintage styles together producing looks that are wearable, albeit different than the norm, but glamorous and beautiful on their own.

It is my passion to encourage and empower you to feel the same. To create your own 'era of glamour.' I want to hand over the keys to you with what I know, have learned and continue to learn. To help you define your look and style. That is why this blog has reemerged. Although I spend most of my time on social media, such as Instagram, I know it is nice to have a hub where in-depth reviews, images and even videos can converge.

I would love to have you become part of the Glam Fam by joining me here and on social media. You can find all the links below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Stay Glamorous,

Audrey Monroe 💋


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