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 Miss Audrey Monroe


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Hello! My name is Miss Audrey Monroe, and I am obsessed with vintage fashion &  old hollywood glamour. I share ways to glamorize your everyday modern styles and work as a professional fashion influencer and digital creator. My content is shared here on my blog 'The Vintage Chronicles' and throughout social media  on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. For brands who are interested in influencer marketing I provide media packages that help showcase their products to my community.

My goal is to encourage, share, and inspire others who appreciate and adore fabulous fashions! 



Glamour isn't just for special occasions! My fashion blog is dedicated to sharing my daily journeys in vintage vogue. We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that and one of the things I am most passionate about (besides glamour) is bolstering the confidence of others. My motto is 'Wear the Style that makes you smile." The Vintage Chronicles serves as a way to share my passions for Fashion & Glamour while helping readers by posting reviews, tips, and techniques. Follow me on social for daily updates, behind the scenes, fashion inspo & glamour. 


I love partnering with brands that share my love for fashion and glamour. I digitally produce content through Miss Monroe Studios LLC and provide Royalty Free rights for commercial distribution. Email me today to learn more and review my Media Kit options!

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I am a Licensed Aesthetician and Makeup Artist, specializing in the art of glamour and recreating the vintage aesthetic. I am based out of Augusta & the Atlanta Ga area. Book your service for a complete makeover, event, wedding, or photoshoot! Click below to learn more!

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My everyday glamour.

As a child, I was mesmerized by the incredible grace, beauty, and sex appeal of the Starlets of Old Hollywood. I would watch their films for hours, captivated by their charm and allure; and at age 11, I asked my mother for my first vintage wet set. 

Fast forward a few decades and now everything I do revolves around the vintage aesthetic. In a sense, I am creating a New Era of Glamour that I love sharing with others. 

My goal is to bring a bit of this glamour to all of you through content creation in the form of lifestyle images and video. I love collaborating with brands, as this opens avenues to share more of these fabulous eras with my community 

Life is too short not to wear the style that makes you smile!

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"Always be a first rate version of yourself,
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