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Are Tuxedo Blouses back in Style?

Hello Lovelies,

An old time staple is the simple, crisp-white, tuxedo shirt. These were made famous by such starlets as Marlene Dietrich & Katherine Hepburn. Both women made a tailored suit or tux a sexy feminine alternative to daily fashion. Fast forward to 2021 and the tuxedo shirt is still an inspiration for womens style.

By definition a tuxedo shirt is quite simply a more elegant style of dress shirt that is meant to be worn with your most formal attire. Tuxedo shirts are not meant to be worn casually or with your traditional suits in an office setting.


So, are tuxedo blouses back in style? Short answer, Yes.

How to wear a tuxedo blouse/shirt.

For starters wearing a crisp tuxedo shirt meant for evening-wear is hard to pull off during the day. Instead look for imitations to the style. The above blouse is from shopkultivate and the reason I decided to purchase it was for sharp daily dressing.

The difference?

The fabric is softer with a delicate unstiff collar. I added a small velvet black ribbon, under the collar, as a cute element to further accentuate a vintage feel.

Shop Kultivate sizing runs tiny! Beware of this if you decide to purchase clothing from their store. Personally I used their size chart when making my selection and the blouse still won't button close across my chest. However, instead of returning it I opted for another idea; a peek-a-boo look with a fancy bra underneath. I could wear a vest on top if I didn't mind covering up the piping details on the bib of the shirt.

Another added touch are the sleeves. Similar to a tuxedo shirt the cuff buttons close and are fitted to the wrist. These extend a bit longer than a traditional tuxedo shirt but act as a feminine touch.

I also enjoy the dark piping that is mid-sleeve as it is reminiscent to 1800's fashion. All

these tiny details help make the shirt feminine and sexy.

Shop Kultivate did not sponsor my post and unfortunately I do not have an affiliate code to offer you. However, their clothing is reasonably priced and great quality. They have a wide selection on their website and I definitely recommend checking them out if you're looking for cute clothes that have a modern-vintage flare.

For more looks make sure to follow me on social. What do you think? Will you give the classic, never going out of style, tuxedo shirt a place in your closet?



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