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Ava Embroidery Green Dress from Timeless London

Hello Lovelies,

This fall I am tempting the season in this luscious green Ava Embroidery Dress from Timeless London. It was inspired by 1940 styles and has many cute details.

There are bows on both sleeves and on the very center of the collar. The black floral embroidery adds to the sophistication and styling aspect of this dress and is the perfect pop against the green.

I know I'll be wearing this dress all throughout the fall season and into the Christmas Holiday.

I decided to pair my outfit with a black beret, gloves, and pumps. The vintage fur was a nice soft pop against the green and kept me warm in the evening.

Dress Facts

  • The Ava Embroidery Dress is made from polyester and has very little stretch. Please keep that in mind when ordering your dress.

  • The sizes are UK sizes. Make sure you know your measurements when ordering.

  • Machine washable.

Whats Underneath

  • I am wearing a long line bra from Bare Necessities with suspender straps for stockings.

  • Stockings are fully fashion -- Check out the Gio brand

"Remember a kiss is just a kiss - Ingrid Bergman"

I took styling cues from old 1940s ads. Reviewing ads from past decades is a great way to get inspired when you're recreating a 'look.'

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to follow me on social! What do you want to learn or see next?

Stay Glamorous,
Audrey 💋

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