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How to dress like a Hollywood Starlet

Hi loves!

Have you ever dreamed of looking like an Old Hollywood movie star? Maybe it’s the hair and makeup, or quite possibly the dresses? Since Hollywood Glamour is part of my specialty I wanted to share a few basics to help you feel like a Starlet!

Blue Grace Kelly gown from Vintage Ooollee shot on location in Greenville Sc  ©Scott Thomason Photography

Hair & Makeup


Even a modernized dress, with the right hair and makeup, can look chic and classic.  If you’re looking to replicate one of your favorite vintage starlets I would suggest styling your hair in a way that mimics the time period your admiring.

This can easily be done with a few products and hair tools. Depending on your hair length you can choose to wear your hair up or down. I have written dedicated blog posts sharing the tools I use to help perfect my hair style. You will also find several post in which I share techniques for vintage hair styling.

Another easy method for achieving glamorous hair is with a curling iron. Make sure to curl the ends to create the perfect Shirley Temple curl. I suggest nothing bigger than a 3/4 inch curling iron.

Blue Grace Kelly gown from Vintage Ooollee shot on location in Greenville Sc ©Scott Thomason Photography



For those who feel uncomfortable with doing their own makeup I understand how this can be intimidating.  Here are a few tips to easily achieve Old Hollywood glamour without feeling overwhelmed.

*please note these tips depend on your skin condition and type. Although I make professional suggestions I cannot gaurentee your results.

For the ‘Classic‘ glamorous look here is what I suggest

  1. Concealer to disguise dark spots and under eye circles

  2. A pressed powder foundation applied with a velour puff or kabuki brush.

  3. A light peachy or pink blush (depends on skin tone)

  4. Eye Brow Pencil to deepen and shape your brows (very important)

  5. Red lip liner for outlining the lips and a matching red lipstick for filling in the lips. (the most important step)

If you are feeling adventurous you can add winged eye liner and fake lashes.

Below are several videos and step by step guides to achieving glamorous makeup.

The Dress


Blue Grace Kelly gown from Vintage Ooollee shot on location in Greenville Sc ©Scott Thomason Photography

Although I have found a vintage ball gown (shown here) it is NOT something you have to have in order to feel or look like a Hollywood starlet.

There are dresses to be found everywhere that can work within your budget. Choose a photo of a starlet who you admire and look at what she is wearing. Is the dress a shiny fabric such as satin? Is the skirt long or short? Is it a two piece dress? What are her accessories? Is the dress off the shoulder or clasped around the back?

I usually suggest a long gown as this was common back in the 40’s and 50’s. Satin was a favored finish for most formal occasions. Since satin is a finish and not a fabric it can be found in polyester, cotton, and/or silk.

If shopping at a department store is out of your price range try finding a consignment shop that sells second hand-gently loved gowns, and then tailor the gown to your measurements. The same goes for shopping at the goodwill or a vintage clothing store.

Another option is to find an affordable retailer online that sells vintage inspired looking dresses. I really like Aisize clothing as their style and size options are extensive.

Another brand I love that sells amazing looking gowns is Pinup Girl Clothing.

Of course Etsy is a fantastic place to find clothing. I am a huge fan of Lady Jane Vintage as I find her prices very reasonable for true vintage items. Another is Paper Moon Vintage who has a 25% off sale, once a month on the full moon.

Finish it off with Accessories


Accessories really help make an outfit complete especially vintage inspired ones. Here is a list of items that I suggest.

  1. Long elbow length gloves (for evening)

  2. Earrings, bracelet, and brooch

  3. A shawl

  4. Clutch

You can find these items at second hand stores, bridal shops, antique shops, and online. Sometimes it’s just about adding accessories that can breath new life into a dress that you may already own.

Last but not least is tailoring. It literally is ‘the secret’ behind all my clothes.  It doesn’t matter how much or how little an outfit costs you. Tailoring a garment to your measurements makes it go from great to WOW.  If you buy second hand, like I do, you will see a dramatic difference if you have a seamstress do a few nips, tucks, or let outs to your garment. Everyone in the 40’s and 50’s had tailored clothing. Either 1, they made it for themselves or 2, they tried on a sample at the department store and had the garment fitted to their measurements and then picked it up a few days later.

a bit of history…

Men and women living in the 40’s and 50’s couldn’t walk into a store and buy a size Small, Medium or Large and call it a day. They went and tried on a ‘sample’ garment.  The sample garment was fitted to their measurements, which was recorded, and then a seamstress or tailor would take the sample and make the said dress or suit to fit their customer.

This is the magic behind the outfit. It is the key. The piece of resistance.

I hope you were able to gather a few insights from this post. If you did please leave it down below or come say hi on social and message me with your favorite tip!

Blue Grace Kelly gown from Vintage Ooollee shot on location in Greenville Sc ©Scott Thomason Photography

Stay Glamorous,

Miss Audrey Monroe💋

Share the Glamour!❤


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