Sex in the City goes Vintage

If Carrie Bradshaw was a 1950’s gal I imagine she would be dressed to the 9’s in fabulous fashions from Dorothy O’Hara, Dior, Ceil Chapman, Charles James, and Suzy Perette.

I’m looking for love. Real love. Carrie Bradshaw

I couldn’t help but be inspired by the entire Sex in the City characters. It is uplifting to see 4 different women, all with unique backgrounds, come together and be the closests of friends.

Taking ques from the show I decided to come up with my own take on Carrie Bradshaws style and her infamous outfit from the opening credits of the show.

For Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion style I decided to pull out this gorgeous 1950’s gold lamé and tulle gown. The satin peach gloves are a direct match to the satin underline in the skirt, and I added a petticoat for extra fullness.

The shoes are modern but are overlaid in tulle and peach rhinestones. I think Carrie would approve!


When I first decided to write this post and come up with the various content to showcase it; I realized that Carrie loved herself. She enjoyed her life. Every aspect. Not only did she have a hand in writing her book– she lived it.

Which character from Sex in the City do you identify most with?

  1. Carrie

  2. Samantha

  3. Miranda

  4. Charlotte

Whomever you choose remember that there is NO wrong answer. Each character was unique and brought her own strengths to the group.

Wanna snag the stockings I paired exclusively with this outfit? Check them out here!

Slide for a surprise behind the scenes shot!

Wanna see more Vintage takes on the Sex in the City characters? Let me know by commenting below.

Love, Audrey

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