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How to make Basic staples look Glamorous

Hello Loves!

Today is such a fun post as I discuss how to take a ‘basic’ staple and re-incarnate it to look ‘glamorous.’

My basic staple today is this adorable Slit-Sleeve cotton shirt from Belle Poque.

My favorite thing about this top is the ease of comfort and style.

How to work a basic staple and make it glamorous

Depending on the staple this can be easy or difficult. The one thing you want to take into account is fabric. Is your staple piece made from cotton, polyester, or something else? What color is it? Does it have a pattern? To be honest I find solid staples easier to glamorize than those with a pattern.

The Belle Poque Slit-Sleeve blouse has a bit of pizzaz already. It is solid black, cotton based, and figure flattering.

I decided to tuck this piece into a pair of high waisted poly-satin pants. The two garments complimentd each other by having a similar flow. Neither are form fitting but both skim the body in a flattering way to subtley enhance curves.

Miss Audrey Monroes Quick Tips

  1. Try using solid staples only.

  2. Pair your basic staple with a glamorous piece that has a similar flow, or cut.

  3. Certain fabrics compliment each other while others dont. Take time to evaluate if your basic staple enhanes or destracts from your glamour piece. Everything should seamlessly blend.

  4. Finally, statement jewlery and accessories.

I used 4 beautiful rhinestone items that really added the ‘pop’ I was looking for. I also added a fun fedora for an extra Marlene Dietrich vibe.

Accessories can really spice up your outfit and take a basic staple to the next level. Play around with hats, head scarves, gloves, shoes, and purses to help tell a story about your outfit.

These incredible items came from a vintage store in Augusta Georiga. If you live local or are visiting check out Vintage Ooollee to discover hidden treasures or rent a fabulous costume.

Vintage Ooollee Rhinestone Vintage Earrings & Necklace

Vintage Ooollee Rhinestone Vintage Belt & Ring

Rhinestones always look glamorous and pair well when they can be the showase. If you are working with patterns and bright colors you may find a solid color, gold, or silver will work better and not over power your outfit.

Finally, have fun! Stylizing is all about freedom of choice and preference. I hope this post can inspire you. If it did please join my Glam Fam over on Instagram & Tiktok for daily vintage fashion & fun.

Miss Audrey Monroe

TikTok: @missaudreymonroe

Stay Glamorous,

Miss Audrey Monroe 💋

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