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MadMen 1960’s Vintage Fashion

Hi everyone!

Remember the show MadMen? The women in the show were just as powerful as the ‘Men’ even though they were confined to play by the rules of 1960’s society norms.

Mad Men was the show to watch before The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.  AMC took home many Emmy’s for the script writing, wardrobe, and all star cast. If you have not yet taken the time to watch this series I highly encourage it. You can find the entire series on Netflix.

Today’s post is brought to you by Durty Gurl cocktail mixers. They are a woman owned BUSINESS out of Augusta Georgia. 

This past Decemeber I collaborated with Durty Gurl and shot a MadMen inspired shoot with my dear friend Peter Bran. You can find him here on IG  Say Hi to Peter!

I channeled January Jones with a mix of Christina Hendricks as inspiration for my shoot (both starring in the MadMen show as Betty Draper and Joan Holloway.)


During the 1950’s we saw the wasp waist emphasized but the 1960’s silhouette was a bit straighter throughout. Spaghetti straps and shorter hem lines began to be ‘vogue.’ Clothing was still tailored in the early part of the 60’s which meant clothing fit appropriately. This new style was to give a woman more ‘freedom’ from the confines of wearing a girdle and stockings.

I found a beautiful black satin gown with rhinestone straps at Vintage Ooollee. The dress is truly from the early 60’s and a treasure.

To complete the entire look a vintage fur and satin gloves were added. This is of course a glamorous affair! A woman of MadMen would never be caught under-dressed. Every detail would have been planned out, right down to the shoes! Which of course, in my case, were silver.

As small as the ‘extras’ may seem, they do make a difference. Women paid close attention to details. Earrings, rings, bracelets, and a clutch would all be matched to compliment one another.

I absolutely love collaborating with Durty Gurl. Show cased today was their Durty Gurl Martini Olive Juice.  A fabulous mixer to take the guessing game out of a cocktail. Simply pour your favorite DG mixer into a cocktail shaker, and add your libation. To see more click this link Durty Gurl Mixers

Durty Gurl routinely shares glamorous  recipes on their IG account  and TIKTOK

Vintage Ooollee is a local Vintage store in Augusta Ga. Both mine and Peter’s outfit were find there. This summer she is set to open an Etsy store so those who are not local will have a chance to search through her treasures.

Say Hi to Vintage Ooollee! you can also find her on Facebook by clicking here!

Stay Glamorous,

Miss Audrey Monroe💋

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