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Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Costume

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Marilyn Monroe’s Costume

clip found through Youtube

The movie clip above is from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Marilyn Monroe.

If you have watched the movie you may be able to recite the lines by heart, like I do, and sing along to all the songs. What you may not know is that the infamous Pink dress Marilyn wore for this scene was not the original costume.


In fact the original costume was actually a burlesque inspired costume covered in… DIAMONDS. Fitting for the number. However, once the costume was revealed and the number filmed the editing department was shot down by the censor bureau. Which means a complete costume change was in order leaving us with the iconic Pink dress we now know and associate with Marilyn Monroe.

Original Costume

As you can see in these first two images that the main body of the costume was made out of fishnet that exposed more of Marilyn’s body then the censors could handle.

The bra and panty were made with rhinestones and other embedded jewels to truly speak into the characters love affair with diamonds.

Adding the long sleeve black gloves, headpiece, and black feather fan speaks into the burlesque styling. If you pay close attention in the act from the movie you can see elements of a darker burlesque theme. Such as the women who make up the chandeliers and statues. They are all in black and wearing less clothing then Marilyn herself.

Another costume that hit the editing room floor was this cute gold and green corseted showgirl costume. However the entire clip was cut from production and the only visual we can get is from the GPB trailer.


Ironically the “Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend” costume was repurposed and worn by Sherry North in a later movie. They covered the fish net with what looks like brocade velvet. Sherry has claimed that they used her to fill parts Marilyn wouldn’t play in upcoming movies that went into production after GPB.

actress Sherry North

So what are your thoughts? Do you like the original burlesque outfit Marilyn was supposed to wear or the rewrite of the Pink dress?

Personally, I have come to love the Pink dress and the new number that I cannot imagine anything else!

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