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5 Makeup Mistakes you may be making with Foundation

I’ve been meaning to make a post discussing the most common foundation mistakes I see people make the most often. As a Licensed Aesthetician I have 15 years of professional service and have worked with many clients. Please keep reading to hear my opinions on the biggest foundation complaints.

Wearing Rinna Beauty lipstick & MAC studio fix foundation


Break Down:

1. Buying the wrong foundation for your skin type.

A lot of people are guilty of this for varying reasons. Sometimes a Beauty Associate may have recommended a product that simply doesn’t work. At other times we may be purchasing an item that does wonders for someone else, but fail to realize its the wrong product for us. In inevitably two things happen. The item gets returned or thrown into a drawer somewhere. Exchanging your foundation if it’s the wrong texture, finish, or shade for your skin type is the best thing you can do. The objective is to find the correct foundation for your skin type and meet your beauty need.

2. Buying the wrong foundation color.

It’s easy to do. Especially if you’re in between seasons. The best way to color match is to swipe three shades down your cheek onto your jaw line. (If your skin tone is med-deep ebony I suggest an additional swipe across the forehead) You are looking for the shade that blends into your skins natural tone. If caught between two shades buy the one with the undertone that best mimics your own. The key is finding the correct undertone. If you’re at a department store ask for a sample, it is absolutely okay to do that! Especially if you have doubts. When at the drugstore I always recommend buying two bottles of the same undertone. That way you can color match at home to either the darker or lighter shade. Then return the one that doesn’t work/match.


I wear Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation in N1. I purchased both N2 and N3 in addition to the N1. The N1 shade is my perfect match. With N2 being my summer color, and N3 a shade I can contour with. For me the best decision was keeping all three! 😜

3. Wearing to little or too much foundation.

Seek out a professional when you are unsure!

Unfortunately this varies from person to person. Without sitting down in front of a makeup artist or Aesthetician and allowing them to walk you through this process then it will be difficult to predict just how much foundation you may need. On top of this it is up to the Artist eye to decide what your skin care needs are according to what you have shared in regards to your skin goals. The easiest way to help guide you is first determining if there are things you are hoping to cover with your foundation such as redness, pigmentation, scars, acne etc. Thus begins the process. I usually recommend a foundation with medium coverage and a satin finish for those who are not quite sure and would like the ability to add coverage when necessary but have their foundation look natural. Please seek out a professional for expertise or visit my website MissAudreyMonroe and book an online Zoom session with me.

4. Wearing foundation and nothing else.

Okay, I have been guilty of this and it is not something I want to recreate. Wearing foundation, (especially med-full coverage) and nothing else does zip for your features.  Literally we become a blank canvas! If we don’t take the time to add color back onto the skin, such as blush and bronzer, then we can look dead. If you don’t have time to add extras on top of the foundation then my suggestion would be to opt for a tinted moisturizer. This will cut back some of the redness and minor imperfections. A second option would be to use a light concealing foundation. This offers a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer alone but won’t completely cover up every single aspect of the skin.

5. Not applying the foundation properly.

This is a basic tool problem and every foundation can act differently. The best plan of action is to go through the gambit of tools and decide what works best for you, your skin type, and your foundation. Believe me the trial and error is well worth it for that favorite foundation.

6. Bonus Tip!!! Not Setting your foundation.

This is a necessary evil for everyone even those with dry skin! I always stand firm on setting the face with a loose or pressed powder and then using a setting spray to help seal everything in. A setting spray can help make your entire look appear more natural and is my secret weapon for every client!

Tools I suggest:

Wearing Rinna beauty lipstick

  1. Sephora Makeup Brush ( Can also be purchased in stores).

  2. MAC Foundation brush ( Can also be found at Macys).

  3. Beauty Blender sponges ( or in stores including Jcpenny).

Top 5 Liquid Foundations:

  1. Makeup Forever HD Liquid Foundation

  2. MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation

  3. Estee Lauder Double Wear

  4. Loreal True Match

  5. Maybelline Fit Me

Top 3 Cream Foundations:

  1. Bio Fond (Gerda Spillmann)

  2. Cinema Secrets

  3. RCMA

Top 3 Mineral Foundations:

  1. Bare Minerals Original mineral powder (loose)

  2. Glo Beauty Mineral Pressed Powder

  3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish pressed mineral powder

Top 3 Pressed Foundation Powders:

  1. Fit Me Pressed Powder

  2. MAC Studio Fix Powder

  3. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation powder


I hope this helps clear up some of the questions you might have wondered about foundation. For a daily dose of Glamour do not forget to follow me on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

For those who are interested in booking a service please visit my website to get in touch!

Stay Glamorous,

Audrey 💋

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