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This or That | Holiday Edition

The Holidays have started and with it comes winter fashions. I am so excited to share two of my favorite dresses with you.

I have personally stylized each dress to give you an idea of how they can look for your Holiday get togethers, events, and parties.

1960's Velvet Body-Con Vintage Dress by Retro Stage

The first dress is a fabulous shade of Burgundy and comes from Retro Stage

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The very first time I wore this dress I decided to keep it simple and wore a rhinestone brooch with sheer ivory gloves and a vintage fur stole.

This year I chose to add a tulle red bow, long sparkly silver gloves, and dangling red rhinestone earrings. Both times I added a corset to enhance my curves and really define my waist line. My go to corset is the Jolie from Glamorous Corsets you can save 15% off your purchase by using code MissAudrey

*For more on corsets check out my corset series on Youtube!

Dark Green Velvet Pleated Dress by Rihoas

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I love having the option to wear emerald green and teal colors during winter. In the videos below you can see how I stylized this pretty green dress in two different ways. Accessories help change up our look and allow us to stylize outfits for multiple wear. Never feel bad for rewearing a garment. Especially for the sake of Glam!

See how I changed the gloves, belt, shoes, and earrings?

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Stay Glamorous,

Audrey 💋

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