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1950's Grace Kelly inspired jewelry line

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The Miss Audrey Monroe collection emulates the era of the 1950's. With the beautiful faux pearls and my personal signature of rose gold bows, it is sure to make you feel like a Hollywood starlet.

I am excited to announce this special collection designed by Dolly Rocks Designs and now available for purchase at Dolly Rocks Designs Etsy Shop.

Originally, I wanted to incorporate bows into my signature collection but knew they had to be Rose Gold. Jo - owner and jewelry designer for Dolly Rocks Designs - scoured the internet for the perfect color and style unique to my vision.

Once the bows were secured and sourced, it was on to the clasps. I wanted to have rose gold accents to compliment the faux pearl beads and bows. I truly love the ones Jo uses for her bracelets and necklaces because they're easy to use and put on by yourself, especially if you have long nails like I do.

This entire collection can be purchased individually so you can create your own look. However having all 3 pieces truly completes the ensemble.

The Miss Audrey Monroe Collection consists of:

  • 3 Strand Beaded necklace with a rose gold bow accent

  • Beaded bracelet with a rose gold bow accent

  • Bead & Bow earrings

I hope you will enjoy this collection just as much as I. Please #missaudreymonroe on Social Media and tag me for a re-share to show off this incredible set.

I favor pearls on screen and in my private life- Grace Kelly

Stay Glamorous,


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