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Bumper Bangs!

Hello Darlings!

Today I am sharing some quick tips to my easy Bumper Bang style. There will be a step by step video tutorial at the end of this blog post for those who might want to skip ahead.

Vintage Ooollee Blouse & Collectif Clothing Black Pencil skirt

Step 1


Start with day old hair. Freshly washed hair can be too slick for this style to stick. I find it a lot easier to style the hair when it has some grit to it.

Using dry shampoo and/or texturizer can help if you insist on doing a bumper bang on freshly washed hair. It will also help to bulk up finer tresses that made need the oomph. (Such as mine)

Vintage Ooollee Blouse & Collectif Clothing Black Pencil skirt

Step 2


If you’re new to creating Bumper Bangs I highly encourage purchasing a hair donut, in a color that matches your hair, and cut it in half. This will create a sausage like shape that you can mold your hair around to help create the bumper bang.

If your hair is fine you may need to ‘thin’ out the hair donut once it is cut. You do this by unrolling the weft and cutting it. Then roll the weft back into shape.

Step 3


Bobby Pins and U-Pins are a must for this style as you will need to attach the sausage roll to your scalp. Keep in mind that the pins need to match the hair donut in order to go under cover and look invisible.

I always suggest having several different kinds so that you can feel what works best with your hair’s texture and thickness.

Step 4


Once your hair donut is in place; start to cover it with the hair that is wrapped around it. Do this slowly so as not to pull any strands loose.

I like to use a U-Pin to help lightly pull the hair around the shape of my hair donut.

Once you feel confident that the entire hair donut is covered spray with a light hold hair spray.

Step 5


Check the bang from all angles making sure it is covered and looking the way you want. Once that is done use a small amount of pomade to smooth any roughness or fly-aways. I love the Calvin Roland Pomade. It smooths, lends shine, and isn’t tacky. Plus it has a flora scent that I adore!

Calvin Roland Pomade

Calvin sells pomade for both men and women with scents that will appeal to both sexes. They leave a healthy looking shine to the hair and I really love the glow that I get from this product.

Lady Jane Vintage 1930’s slip & Calvin Roland Pomade

Lady Jane Vintage 1930’s slip & Calvin Roland Pomade

Find Calvin on Instagram CLICK HERE

Finally, finish off your entire look with a hard hold setting spray. My go-to is TIGI Masterpiece.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step guide. Please come say Hi on Social or visit me on Youtube!

Stay Glamorous,

Miss Audrey Monroe 💋

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