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Tea time with Bows | Ecosusi Large Bow briefcase

Spilling the tea with Ecosusi, a fabulous vintage reproduction brand for the modern woman!

My laptop has never traveled in so much style! Say hello to the darling Ecosusi Large Bow briefcase.

Two-Tone Large Bow briefcase from Ecosusi

As many of you know, my daily style incorporates vintage clothing and accessories; but being a woman of 2021 also means an obsession with technology. I do not travel light and when I am out and about, you can count on me to always have my cell phone and quite possibly my laptop.

I can be very particular about the items I invest in, as I usually want something that is going to be with me for quite some time. The bag I was searching for needed to have a laptop compartment, easy access to my cell phone, an area to hold a notebook, and also double as my purse on long travel days.

Enter the fabulous Large Bow Brief case by Ecosusi. I already own an adorable purse from Ecosusi and was ecstatic when they reached out to me as a sponsor. I immediately knew what I needed and desperately wanted to try. Ecosusi offers this particular briefcase in several colors and I chose what I felt would work best for the majority of my outfits. It is made of Vegan leather and has multiple compartments. Each compartment is padded for protecting electronics and there are plenty of zippers to help keep things snug and secure.

My laptop is 16 inches long and fits comfortably inside the center compartment without issue. The added bonus is that there is plenty of space for a book, day planner or an additional iPad. I also realized that there is an area specifically for pens, pencils, and/or a stylus with a pocket for your wallet. Lastly, there is a zippered compartment on the outside that provides easy access to a cellphone, wallet or beauty item.

For those that prefer a shoulder strap, Ecosusi provides a matching strap that is easily clipped to the side of the briefcase. This can be adjusted to make carrying a breeze.

I absolutely adore this bag and the style it lends to even my casual outfits. The bow that is on the very front of the briefcase can be removed if you want a sleek look or can be interchanged with another one of the Ecosusi bows to change the style.

The Ecosusi Large Bow Brief Case dimensions and more are as follows:

  1. 16.5 x 11.6 x 4.3 inches (L x H x W) and available in 4 beautiful colors — maroon, coffee, brown and black.

  2. Different pockets and compartments for laptop and small items such as, 1 large compartment for laptop of 15.6 inches that features a soft padded pocket, 2 small slots for pens, 2 small pockets, 1 zippered pocket; the exterior contains- 1 front pocket as well as 1 back pocket for accommodating small items.

  3. Easy to carry either by the handle or with the accompanying strap.

  4. Bow is detachable.

  5. Fabulous design for either the modern or vintage lovin’ gal.

Ecosusi is currently offering my community a discount code that will save you 20% off your entire order! Use code: Audrey20 to save and shop.

**discount code is an affiliate.

For the daily scoop on glamour and fashion, please join my Glam Fam on Instagram and Tiktok. Remember YOU are valid, beautiful, and loved.

Stay Glamorous, Audrey 💋

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