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Cafe Lola

Coffee & Champagne? Yes, but only at Cafe Lola!

What a fabulous place to spend Mother's Day or any day you want to feel chic and completely fabulous!

"I followed my heart... it led me to Lola"

Cafe Lola is located in Las Vegas Nevada and is an absolute must see for anyone traveling to the big "Sin City."

I ordered the Afternoon Tea which is available after 1pm. It includes

1 POT OF TEA + CHEF SELECTION OF ASSORTED TEA PASTRIES 4. You are able to make a selection of tea based on your preference. I chose the Rose Tea.

Cafe Lola is best known for their coffee and champagne cocktails! I had to try the CupCake Latte. It was cute and delicious. If you're part of my community on Instagram (My handle is @missaudreymonroe) You would have seen a glimpse of this latte in my stories. Make sure to give me a follow if you haven't already for a daily dose of glamour.

Pose - Photoshoot!

There are several places to take unique and glamorous photos while eating at Cafe Lola. I made sure to wear an outfit that went well with the decor.

My cute 1960s inspired dress & earrings are both from the Naughty Girl Shop to include the hand beaded bag. I added a satin ribbon for a touch of glamour and pulled my hair up into a beehive style to complete the look.

If you are in Las Vegas or planning to travel there make sure to put Cafe Lola on your itinerary. The food is delicious and it is one of the only cafes I know that sell both coffee & champagne in the most glamorous fashion.

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Stay Glamorous,

Audrey 💋

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