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How to use Hot Curlers

Hi everyone!

Tonight I am discussing a fundamental staple in my beauty routine.

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Hot Curlers.

They are the staple to my Vintage Hairstyle and a way to glamourize without breaking the budget. I love that most hair lengths and cuts can accommodate the use of hot curlers.

Hot Curlers


*Affiliate links within. This simply means that if you choose to purchase an item that is affiliated with me I will get a small percentage for the mention. As always, I only link what I feel is valuable and has personally worked for me. 

Hot rollers have been my go-to tool for creating all my hair looks. When purchasing a hot curler set you will notice that most come with 3 different sized curlers. Usually these will range from 1/2 an inch to 2 inches. Modern day curls and beachy  waves rely heavily on 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch rollers. Vintage ringlets and rolls dictate a smaller curler size.

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When it is time to curl my hair I only use the 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch sizes.

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When I first started rolling my hair I purchased Remington rollers. Which is a fantastic brand but the curler size was not small enough (for my Vintage style) nor did they get as hot as I wanted. Heat is very important to a successful roll.

You want the heat to be even and just hot enough that your hair ‘bakes’ but doesn’t burn! If the rollers are too hot for you to handle than they should be dialed back or replaced with another set. Allowing your hair to cool during the ‘baking’ process is also very important as this initially sets the curls to last all day. I try and allow my hair to set for 25-45 minutes. This is a great time to put on makeup and pick your clothes out for the day.

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Different sets and brands will offer a range of curler sizes to choose from. Vintage hot roller sets from the 50’s contained curlers that were all the same size. However, the newer modernized hot roller kits no longer sell curlers that are all the same size. They now have stacked the sizes from small to large.

Some sets go down to 1/2 an inch while others will only go down to the smallest size being 1 inch. Please note, It took purchasing 4 sets of the Conair hot rollers to get the amount of curlers I needed in a particular size.  I usually place anywhere from 28-30 rollers in my hair.

Shopping for the perfect brand of hot rollers took a bit of time. By far the Conair sets that I own are my absolute favorite. I find they heat the most evenly and the curlers are the perfect size. Ranging from 1/2 inch, to 3/4 of an inch, to a full inch. I use Conair in my pro kit and it hasn’t failed me yet!

Many of you have requested a how-to showing the techniques I use to hot curl my hair, and the way I brush it out. Below you will find both of those videos!

To purchase the set of hot curlers I use please click the link below.

Stay Glamorous,

Miss Audrey Monroe 💋

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