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Love is in the air with Miss Candy Floss

Happy month of Love everyone! Yes, yes, I know - some do not celebrate Valentine's Day. Which is perfectly fine and I respect that. However, I am not one of those people. I love... love LOL. So what better way to celebrate than to dress accordingly.

This entire set is from Miss Candy Floss The Top & Pant can be purchased separately and each have their unique charm.

The Nicolette-Rose Pants have these incredible buttons that go from the hip up to the waist. The are wide leg and resemble pants worn in the 1940's. These are a staple as I can see them being worn in every season.

The Callani-Lou top is super comfy and drapes beautifully around the shoulders. Its lightweight and uber comfy. This can definitely be worn dressed up or down depending on the mood.


I wish you all the happiest season of love and encourage you to treat yourself to some 'self' love, whatever that may mean for you. Don't forget to follow me on social to see more fashion & glamour.




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