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The cutest dress for Summer!

My Dress is B A N A N A S!


An infamous line sang by the lovely Gwen Stefani! However, this darling dress is more than banana's. It’s a comfy summer staple that is sure to grab attention and be a conversation starter.

The Vera Cubic Banana dress from Miss Lulo label is a cotton dream ready for your next picnic or market outing.

I love the fact that this dress has pockets which makes carrying a wallet or lipstick a breeze. It is a back zip which makes sliding in and out of it simple. Personally, I hate anything that has to go over my hair when its coif and ready for an outing.

The purple/blue backdrop truly helps the bananas pop right off the fabric.


Supporting local farmers and the community (Hello Augusta!) is close to my heart and what better place to wear a cute 'Banana' dress than to a market full of fruit and veggies?!

As I checked off my Grocery list a few stopped to ask me about my attire. "It's from Miss Lulo" - I declared. For those of you who have never heard of the Miss Lulo label it is a clothing line based out of LA, CA & Vancouver. They offer original prints by local artist with inclusive sizing.

Right now you can save 10% by using my code: Miss Audrey Monroe on the Miss Lulo website. They currently have two different styles to choose from in this particular print.

Don't forget to join my travels on Instagram & Tiktok where you are sure to see more glam and read more of "vogue' minstrel tales!


Audrey 💋

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