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Updated: May 13, 2021

Wearing Vintage Inspired styles can seem a bit daunting to some, but there are a few tips I thought I would share today to help ease the wondering mind.

  1. Wearing Vintage inspired styles does not always encompass wearing 'true vintage' clothing.

What does that mean?

Simply put, true vintage clothing (which are pieces truly from the 30's, 40's, 50's, etc.) are not practical to wear everyday due to their age. The clothing is weaker and could tear or rip under the pressure of repetitive movements. This isn't true for everything but it's a fact that goes hand in hand with wearing true vintage pieces.

2. True vintage clothing can be hard to find in a size that suits your body type.


Women had completely different measurements from decades past compared to the modern sizes we know today. Most always, the clothing was tailored to fit the owner's specific measurements. Which means, when you buy a 1950's dress, it usually needs to be re-tailored to fit your body. This can be time consuming and costly depending on the garment.

True vintage clothes usually need repaired whether that's a zipper, a hem, or sewing up moth holes. I share this not to dissuade a purchase because owning true vintage clothing is such a treasure, but to inform you that it usually requires extra steps and costs outside of the initial purchase.


Mix & Match!

So how can you wear vintage inspired styles for everyday?

  1. Mixing vintage reproduction items (clothing that is made now but replicates an older style) together with true vintage items.

For instance, in the above image I am wearing an adorable top from Pinup Girl Clothing with my true vintage shorts from the 1940's.

The shorts are made from cotton and hold up well to my daily movements such as running around town to grab coffee with the girls or walking Stella in the park.

2. Add accessories.

Accessorizing helps to pull an outfit together with minimal effort. All my accessories are either vintage reproduction (such as the fabulous sun hat I am wearing below which came from The Bee Hive) or are true vintage. However, for everyday use I try to use my reproduction accessories.

Jewelry is another key component. The earrings and brooch featured here are from the 1950's. They add a fabulous pop to my outfit and are simple staples for everyday looks.

Whatever your preferred vintage decade, remember to have fun! Vintage inspired style is meant to be creative. My entire outfit is a mix of decades. From my 1940's shorts, to the vintage reproduced top, and the 1950's jewelry, I was able to pull off a look without worrying about my fabric tearing, or losing an heirloom piece of jewelry during my errand running.

I hope these tips are useful! If you love vintage inspired style and glamour, don't forget to follow my daily on Instagram & TikTok.

I now have two (2) official places you can get involved and support my glamorous outreach. I am currently developing The Starlet Treatment Pro membership right here on my website! Once it is complete, it will be the official Glam Fam hub to exclusive content and perks. Members will receive a monthly Glam Fam news letter, Pro tips and secrets, in-depth tutorials, digital downloads, and more! For now you can enjoy these perks through my Patreon account.

Have a fabulous day!

Audrey 💋

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