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Traveling in Style for 2021

It's time to start traveling again and the airports are filling up with patrons wanting to see loved ones and take the long overdue vacation.

Recently my motto has been 'Work smarter, not harder.' Which is why I wanted to share my latest travel buddy. Summer Garden Romance.

For me, glamour doesn't take a day off just because I am flying from one end of the country to the other. So when this beauty arrived, I knew it was going to be a fabulous addition to my traveling hustle.

Here is why I love this bag so much.

  1. It can hold my Apple MAC Pro laptop (14 inches) without issue.

  2. I have ample room to carry a binder and note pad.

  3. There are separated compartments for easy organization.

  4. It's vegan leather so it is easy to wipe clean.

  5. It carries my wallet, lipstick, USB converter, pen, notebook, binder, laptop, charger, and earbuds without issue.

  6. It comes with two (2) straps that allow the user to wear it as a backpack or over the shoulder.

When it comes to traveling, hands-free is the way to be. I used this Pink Bow briefcase as a backpack on my flight, which kept one hand available for my phone while the other was rolling my carry-on along.

Once I arrived to my travel destination, I then took the straps off and used it as my oversized purse.

Here is the one thing I wish this bag had that it doesn't: an outside zip pocket. It would have been really nice to not have to open the bag at every checkpoint simply to get my phone and wallet. I have 2 other bags from Ecosusi and they have zippered outside compartments. However, the ease of travel and sheer chicness of this bag definitely outweigh this one flaw.

Simply knowing that I had all my necessary belongings and still felt cute was enough for me, and I am very happy to have this bag as part of my traveling gear.

Currently you can save 20% off your purchase at Ecosusi by using my code Audrey20 at checkout!

*please note that all links are affiliate links.

How many of you are ready to travel? For me, it is way overdue and I cannot wait until my next trip!

This entire shoot was shot outside of The Partridge Inn, a fabulous hotel with a proud history that has been open since 1910. It is a historical building set up on the 'hills' of Augusta, Georgia, and has held the likes of celebrities, presidents and local patrons. I am thankful for their kindness during my shoot and cannot wait to visit again.


Audrey 💋

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